SKLZ – Barrel Roller


SKLZ Barrel Roller Firm

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Product Description

Enhance any training regimen with active recovery. Designed for pre- and post-workout use, the Barrel Roller not only massages soft tissues, it helps you increase flexibility and restore muscle performance.

The Barrel Roller has a firm density and supports athletes with average muscle mass and anyone who needs basic tissue regeneration.


  • Highest quality foam penetrates tissue to relieve soreness and stiffness
  • Use before and after activities to stretch, strengthen and increase muscle flexibility
  • Reduces potential for muscular strains and injuries
  • Advanced hollow-core, extra-durable construction

Reps & Sets: A General Guideline

Reps and sets are a way to track progress with your training. This is a general guide. Programs will vary depending on your specific needs, goals, off-season or in-season, experience, etc. A general guideline to start:

  • 12-15 repetitions for 1-2 sets
  • 30-60 seconds for each area of soft tissue rolling
  • Spend more time rolling on any sore spots you find