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    Kettler KINETIC Modul 4 Dip/Klimmzug Beinheber 7714-640


    This is where your torso muscles really feel the pull. The MODULE 4 not only trains your biceps and triceps, but also your entire back and abdominal muscles.

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    Kettler KINETIC Modul 2 Beinpstrecker/beuger 7714-630


    Alternating training sessions with multiple set of exercises for powerful leg muscles and increased strength endurance! The seat cushions are individually adjustable to ensure the exercises are performed correctly.

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    Kettler KINETIC Modul 1 Doppelseilzug 7714-610


    Use your own rope team! You can consistently increase your performance through your own body strength, with exercises for leg adductions and abductions, biceps curls or triceps presses. Robust polyester ropes ensure very quiet running and reduced wear, no matter how intense your workout might be.