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    Kettler SKYLON 3.1


    Hochwertiger und leicht bedienbarer Trainingscomputer mit einfacher Menüführung, Speicherplatz für vier Personen und einen Gast, Anzeige der aktuellen Herzfrequenzzone, 10 Programmen und Programmeditor (incl. einem herzfrequenzorientierten Programm) sowie 7 verfügbaren Sprachen (E, D, F, IT, NL, PL, RUS)

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    Kettler SKYLON 4

    1399,00€ 1149,00€

    Experience the smooth running of a 20 kg flywheel mass – extremely smooth movement for a workout that can be as hard as you like. The heart rate zone displayed on the SKYLON 4 ensures that you won’t get your blood pumping too fast on the first try. Special sale until Monday December 24

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    Kettler SKYLON 6


    The cross trainer with the technology of tomorrow. You will never want to get off this cross trainer. What a shame for the other 4 people who could all train and save their own profiles! Get motivated by your best performance, which is shown on the computer display. Use the WATT performance selection to set new goals for yourself. Give your all, sweat, don’t forget to drink, recover!

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    Kettler Speed 5


    Studio quality for ambitious cyclists. Speed 5 will make any performance-driven athlete’s heart beat faster. The extra sturdy design, SPD clipless pedals and powerful drive with an 18 kg flywheel mass enable training in any heart rate range. It is not surprising that thanks to its S-Class certification, the Speed 5 enjoys the status of a full-fledged studio bike.

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    Kettler TRACK s10


    KETTLER ENERGY DECK cushioning creates an energy impulse with every step you take. Charge your run! This means more kilometers at the same performance level, with less strain on your joints.

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    Kettler TRACK s4


    Watch your fitness grow with the KETTLER TRACK S4. Because the KETTLER ENERGY DECK cushioning makes for an extra light running style. And also because of the many features that are there for you every step of the way: Training computers with intuitive operation will help you keep going, just like the speakers and the integrated fan.

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    Kettler TRACK s8


    A treadmill that will keep you on your toes. The KETTLER ENERGY DECK running surface will make you feel like you are running on clouds. The list of professional functions will keep even the most ambitious runners happy: Exciting features like the high-end training computer, speakers and a fan for perfect running sessions.

  • unix10

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    Kettler UNIX 10


    The UNIX 10 allows you to set performance targets on the training computer and monitor your energy consumption in your optimal heart rate zone. Bluetooth interface, simple menu navigation and storage space for four people make it easier to control, so you can kick into a higher gear on this cross trainer.

  • unix2

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    Kettler UNIX 2


    Improve your performance and step up: The UNIX 2 cross trainer by KETTLER has everything a newbie needs for true motivation. The adjustable cockpit and the adjustable foot plates will get you and your partners moving so much that the visual and acoustic warning signals of the pulse tracker can also show you your limits.

  • Vector

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    Kettler VECTOR


    The multifunctional exercising bench, made from high quality steel profile, is extra sturdy. The training options focus on dumbbell and barbell, as well as leg training. ALPHA PRO furthermore offers optimised training extension options with leg curls, a curl pad, and the VECTOR barbell rest.

  • yoga ball

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    KETTLER Yoga Ball


    The GYM BALL is particularly versatile and is suitable for body stabilising balance exercises but also for effective training workouts. After training, the GYM BALL can be used as a seat to strengthen the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. With nubs on part of the surface, the GYM BALL offers an additional light massage effect and promotes circulation. Hand pump included.

  • F3 Go

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    Life Fitness F3 GO


    The Foldable F3 Treadmill doesn’t sacrifice quality. It is outfitted with everything that makes Life Fitness treadmills the No. 1 choice worldwide. High-quality components ensure that your home fitness equipment endures years of heavy use. The F3 Treadmill folds, locks into place and can be easily rolled to a convenient storage area.