Shimano Service Centers are a unique concept developed to provide professional service to cyclists throughout Europe. This means that every cyclist can now benefit from the comprehensive skills and technical expertise of Shimano dealers on the complete range of cutting-edge products. In addition, Shimano Service Centers also offer cyclists the best possibility to experience the Shimano brand and its innovations.


  • Go for the best service – All technical servicing and warranty work is performed by qualified Shimano experts operating from professional in-store workshops. Not only do they offer proper maintenance and repairs, each cyclist is also guaranteed to get reliable advice on Shimano products and innovations.


  • Upgrade your cycling experience – If you really want to push the limits, you need the best gear available. All Shimano Service Centers have a wide range of original Shimano products and spares. Knowledgeable staff will show you a large selection of product options, all designed to enhance your cycling experience. These Shimano specialists have the knowledge and accessories to customise your bicycle so it matches your ambitions and goals. All Shimano products are extensively tested in our fully equipped facilities and approved by cyclists around the world.


A Shimano Service Center is now available near you!